About Us - AweDogs Dog Training

Our Mission

AweDogs Dog Training is family owned and operated. We have over 20 years of dog training experience! All our trainers share an extreme love of dogs and dog training. The mission of AweDogs is to help our clients build clear, confident, reliable dogs that are completely trustworthy and functional in all real-world situations.

Our Observation

It is very common when speaking with dog owners to hear, “my dog is perfect except when…”.
AweDogs is a NO EXCUSES dog training company. We firmly believe that a dog that never listens is less risky than a dog that listens part of the time.
A dog that never listens is consistent; we know what to expect. A dog that only sometimes listens typically gets more freedom and therefore has the opportunity for more catastrophic mistakes.

Our Approach

Our training system is designed not only to create happy, confident, fun dogs, but to also prove that the behaviors created work against the most severe distractions.
Because of our clear and gentle approach to dog training, we are able to start puppies as early as 8 weeks and progress them quite quickly. Our puppy training programs are unique compared to traditional puppy training programs. We concentrate on teaching the dog a system of learning rather than expecting the dog to learn a few basic commands.

Think of it like learning to read. We start by learning the alphabet, then the sounds of “a”, “b”, “c”, then sounding out words, reading sentences, paragraphs, chapters, and ultimately entire books.

Before we realize it, we have become completely literate and there are no words we cannot figure out. The same principle applies with our puppy training approach. Our system teaches them how to learn so that they can begin to figure out any new behavior in a matter of a few minutes.