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Haley Grayce

Haley Grayce


Introducing Haley, Marketing Director and Trainer at AweDogs. From a young age, Haley demonstrated a natural inclination towards caretaking, a trait recognized by her parents who predicted she would be the one to take care of them in their older years. While others may have excelled in different areas, Haley distinctly established herself as the superior “caretaker.”

At the age of 13, Haley embarked on a journey of helping others as a trail ride tour guide, facilitating interactions between people and horses and witnessing the joy it brought them. This early experience ignited her passion for caring for others and instilled in her a sense of fulfillment.

With a background as an integrative wellness RN, Haley channels her passion for caring for others into her work as a dog trainer. She finds immense joy in helping people improve their canine companions’ health and wellness. Drawing upon her personal journey of overcoming challenges and prioritizing well-being, Haley is dedicated to empowering others to achieve similar transformations in their lives.

Haley approaches dog training with empathy, understanding, and a steadfast determination to make a difference. With a deep-rooted commitment to fostering positive relationships between dogs and their owners, Haley has been a huge asset in helping us to structure personalized training programs as well as teaching a holistic approach to canine care. Haley endeavors to help every dog and owner achieve harmony, happiness, and a lifelong bond built on trust and mutual respect through her work at AweDogs.

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