Ryan Grayce

Owner/Head Trainer

Meet Ryan Grayce:

For over two decades, Ryan has been on an incredible journey dedicated to the world of dogs. With an unbridled passion for dogs and an innate love for the great outdoors, Ryan has emerged as a seasoned expert in dog training and is a staunch advocate for our four-legged companions.

A Legacy of Expertise

With an impressive 22 years of experience under his belt, Ryan stands as a paragon of canine expertise. His journey began with a simple love for dogs and evolved into a lifelong commitment to nurturing and unleashing the full potential of these incredible animals.

Versatility in Training

Ryan has an extensive portfolio that reflects his versatility and proficiency in dog training. Whether it’s personal protection, competition obedience, service animals, or the demanding field of police dog training, Ryan has consistently demonstrated an unwavering dedication to the craft. His exceptional ability to connect with dogs and instill discipline, loyalty, and excellence sets him apart in the field.

A Pack of His Own

Ryan practices what he preaches and shares his life with two remarkable canine companions. Arya, a Belgian Malinois, known for her intelligence and agility, and Sarge, the loyal Carolina Cur. Together, they form a close-knit family that embarks on outdoor adventures, forging a bond that only true dog lovers can understand.

The Great Outdoors

Beyond the training grounds, Ryan finds peace and inspiration in the outdoors. His love for nature harmonizes perfectly with his passion for dogs, and he often combines the two by exploring the wilderness with his furry friends by his side. This connection not only rejuvenates his spirit but also enhances his understanding of the canine/human relationship.

Ryan is not just a dog trainer; he is a storyteller of the extraordinary journey that canines and humans embark upon together. His commitment to improving the lives of dogs and the people who cherish them is an inspiration to all who share in his love for these loyal companions.

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